About us

Mývatn Activity – Hike&Bike is a small family owned company located in the village of Reykjahlíð by lake Mývatn, GPS: N65´38.672, W016´54.860

The owners Ragnar(Raggi) and Elisabet(Beta) have a passion for nature and the outdoors. Raggi is a part of the SAR (search and rescue) at Lake Mývatn and is a certified “Wilderness first responder”. Raggi´s interests are driving super jeeps to the central highlands of Iceland, hiking, Trail Running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.Dimmuborgir

Beta in involved in local charities and the local municipality committees. Her interests are hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and volleyball.

SeljahjallagilOur goal is to provide a variety of quality tours for people visiting Reykjavík and the northern part of Iceland. We also offer Bespoke tours and private travel, for those please contact us via email.

Mývatn Activity – Hike and Bike offers a selection of tours and we are also an information and booking site for all kinds of other tours and activities.

We can, therefore, act as your one-stop hub for tours and activities in the north of Iceland.

Our tours: Mývatn Activity – Hike&Bike offers a variety of tours.  We offer tours all year round in different conditions. In summer we have Hiking tours, Mountain biking tours, Fat Bike tours, super-jeep tours and we can also book tours for you for no extra charge, those tours can include Whale watching, Puffin spotting, Sea angling, Boat trips, Sightseeing flights with airplane or Helicopter, white water rafting and much more. In Winter we offer snowshoeing tours, Fat Bike toursnordic skiing, private super-jeep tours, Husky sledding tours with departures from Reykjavík and Akureyri in co-operation with local experts. Go to our Tours&Activities page to book or contact us for info.

About Lake Mývatn area: IMG_8352-24

An undisputed gem of the northeast, Mývatn (mee-vahtnh) lake and the surrounding is starkly beautiful, an otherworldly landscape of boiling sulfur mud pools, weird lava formations, steaming fumaroles and volcanic craters.

The Mývatn basin sits squarely on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the violent geological character of the area has produced an astonishing landscape unlike anywhere else in the country; this is the Iceland you’ve always imagined.

Pictures from our tours

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